Paco Montañés is a young artist, focused on naturalistic paintings and drawings. Also known as an excellent portraitist, he is working for nobles, politics and entrepreneurs.

With 24 years he received the National Spanish Arts Award. Three years before he got his first grant for calligraphic studies in Japan. The Japanese aesthetics and sensitivity had a deep influence on his artistic development. Many scholarships for art projects in the whole world followed. He worked with traditional artists in India, China, Japan, Mexico and Thailand, always being keen on learning from their arts, tradition and history. Meanwhile he kept studying the old masters of the European renaissance and baroque. He so created himself a wide ranging field of learning. His painting ideal has always been the unrivaled court painter Diego Velázquez (1599-1660, Sevilla).



1998-2003 academic art studies, faculty Alonso Cano, University of Granada, Spain. Art degrees honored by the National Spanish Arts Award “Fin de Carrera de Bellas Artes”, Spanish Ministry of Education.



2. Award, drawing, VI. art competition of the Royal Academy of Arts, Granada, Spain, 2003

1. Award, painting, XII. art competition Àngel Andrade, Ciudad Real, Spain, 2004

1. Award, painting, VI. art competition “la Axerquía”. Award for the youngest painter under 25 years, Córdoba, Spain, 2004

1. Award in the category arts. Competition in various categories for participants under 30 years, ministry of education, Spain, 2005

1. Award, drawing, VIII. art competition of the Royal Academy of Arts, Granada, Spain, 2005

1. Award, painting, XXIII. art competition Emilio Ollero, Jaén, Spain, 2009


Solo Exhibitions

Portraits 2000/2015, Aula Magna de Capuchinos (exhibition catalog), Alcalá la Real, Jaén, Spain, 2015

La pincelada única, Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, Granada, Spain, 2012

Raga, Ruiz Linares (exhibition catalog), Granada, Spain, 2010

Rosex, Gallery Atalaya, (exhibition catalog), Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 2009

Walkers, Gallery Benot, Cádiz, Spain, 2008

Walkers 50, Gallery Luis Adelantado, Valencia, Spain, 2006

Japanese Series – Tondi, Gallery Giacomo (exhibition catalog), Barcelona, Spain, 2005

Japanese Series, Gallery Casaborne, Málaga, Spain, 2004

Japanese Series, Gallery Jesús Puerto, (exhibition catalog), Granada, Spain, 2004

Portraits, Gallery Jesús Puerto, Granada, Spain, 2004



Art scholarship from the Human Academy foundation, Osaka, Japan, 2002

Art scholarship TALENS 2002, Talens España, Barcelona, Spain, 2002

Art scholarship from the Rodriguez-Acosta foundation, Granada, Spain, 2003

Art scholarship from the Spanish ministry of education, University of Granada, painting faculty, 2002-2003

Art scholarships VIII, IX, X and XII from the county council of Jaén, Spain, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003.

Art scholarships from the Antonio Gala foundation for young artists, Córdoba, Spain, 2003, 2004

Art scholarship “support of creating contemporary art”, project: the portrait in Japan, Spanish ministry of culture, Andalusia, Spain, 2005

Art scholarship from the Sarabhai foundation, Ahmedabad, India, 2012

Art scholarship XVII. Manuel Ribera, project: JDZ 2014, China, county council of Granada, Spain, 2014


Art projects abroad

Japanese Series – Japan 2001 / 2005

Old Masters – London 2002 / 2003

Old Masters – Paris 2003 / 2004 / 2005

Thai Celadon – Thailand 2007

Old Masters – New York 2007

Old Masters – Berlin 2009 / 2010

JDZ – China 2010 / 2014

Raga – India 2010

Suite Mexicana – Mexico 2011

Ahmedabad – India 2012

Black Forrest Series – Germany 2014 / 2015

Old Masters – Milan 2015





Art collection of the county council Cádiz, Spain

Art collection of the Spanish nobility association “Real Maestranza de Caballería”, Granada, Spain

Art collection of the Human Academy foundation, Osaka, Japan

Art collection of the University of Granada

Art collection Fondo Talens, Barcelona, Spain

Art collection of the Royal Academy of Arts, Granada, Spain

Art collection of the county council Ciudad Real, Spain

Art collection of the city Granada, Spain

Art collection of the art foundation Caja Rural, Jaén, Spain